Our History

Lee Softworks was established in 2019 with the gentle closing of the creative agency, Winstanley Partners and their sister company, Lenox Softworks. It was the end of an era with really great people. Any chance that teleprompting software like Script-Q could be scooped up by a larger company was hard to see, and leaving our web clients with open projects was something weren’t prepared to do.



Working quickly, Patrick Consolati, started Constructique to satisfy the work of our web clients. As the contact for Script-Q for decades, Patrick made the bold move to acquire LSW (Lenox Softworks) and continue development for a much needed SQ update. Moving the company just the next town over in Lee, a mere stones throw away. It was renamed Lee Softworks for a smooth transition. Not much else would change, and yet, so much has.

Our Future

Prior to launch of SQ 6.0, we took on a new Creative Director to rebrand, add messaging and guided tutorials. Soon after we found a brilliant Software Engineer who has already infused new ideas and layered additions in subsequent SQ 6 updates. We look forward to an announcement coming later in 2024.

Building upon the 20-year history of SQ, Lee Softworks will be expanding into the live music arena with the hotly anticipated release of UnPromptu. While teleprompting is all about a smooth scrolling experience, UnPromptu has dynamically paced lyrics that scroll at variable speeds. This allows the performer to be fully present and unhindered by the all too often fractures in memory recall.

Hot on heels of UnPromptu, is File Conveyor, a management and file sharing plugin built for WordPress users and Break Rank, a web based tournament bracket app to bring cameraderie with your chosen tribe.

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