Intuitively Teleprompt

Created for multimedia production studios. Radio, Podcasters, Television, Vloggers, Influencers and everything in between.

Script-Q is a legacy teleprompting software with a global influence, used by newscasters, politicians, religious leaders, vloggers and musicians for over two decades. Since 2014, we’ve supported Your License On The Go, that travels where you are, with an identical experience between platforms when software of all kinds didn’t. Our promise: Make creating easier. Seamless from Mac to Windows, and back again.

Within the past 5 years the brand has taken on new software development and creative direction. More features and tutorials have been added with still more in the works and will release exciting news in 2024.

Rock On With Your Rad Self
Your backup when words fail. Synced lyrics for every musician. Fatigue and overstimulation make it easy to forget lyrics sung for years and the world’s best musicians rely on visual cues. Precision timing with a fully integrated music catalogue that is both editor and database, in a lightning-fast interface and cross-platform license.

For live musicians, UnPromptu is the stage manager for bands that need discrete, timed scrolling lyrics and queues on stage. Squinting at static full page lyrics is a bit old don’t you think? Edit timing, styling, and notations for all members and keep everyone on the same page. Importing mp3 and lyrics can be synchronized together for a smooth experience. It’s the lovechild of karaoke and teleprompting.


Save set lists in your catalogue of songs for your gigs. They are easily edited and reorganized on the fly with an operator even as the lyrics scroll. Prompts for key, reminders, notations, or impromptu audience conversation sit above the corresponding timeline. At the end of each song, the setlist queues automatically. No shuffling through notes or taped reminders.

Manage Brackets Like A Pro
Run your league with a streamlined, sleek interface. No ads, no subscription memberships to forget. Charges are based on the number of players in your league or office pool. No more chasing down players picks just before opening game. Everyone gets in on the game, makes picks, and gets back time for trash talking with everyone else.

We developed Break Rank after years of active office pool participation in Men’s college basketball tournaments. Back then it was all on paper and shared by email. A bit old school compared to how this plays out now, but we wanted to provide a unique way to foster friendly competition with your group. This Break Rank WordPress plugin is designed for use on your own site rather than a web-based software. All that friendly banter — or, let’s be honest, good ole trash talking, is great for comradery but maybe best left to your private group, yeah?


Customize your pool to meet your league’s specific needs without monopolizing the commissioner’s schedule. And we really care about the commissioner, making the management as easy as possible and leaving plenty of time to enjoy the tournament too.

Work Is Enough Work

Point clients back to a secure portal on your site with robust file management system. Manage users, share, track and lock files and skip the third-party hamster wheel and expiring files. Convey your work and your brand with all the functionality of WordPress. 

File Conveyor is a secure file management plugin for WordPress. Send users back to your site and skip the third-party hamster wheel. Design a polished portal to reflect your brand with all the functionality of WordPress. It couldn’t be easier designing on a robust frontend editor even novice users can use right away. No coding required. 


With SMS enabled 2-factor authentication and WordPress security, your files and communication are secure. Securely manage files, assign expirations, share and track downloads, and link with Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OneDrive. No lost emails or timed out transfers. Users are alerted when files are uploaded, moved, added or deleted. Members can be edited at any time, no limits while providing guest options and locking specific files.


Every company has a worker beaver. We just think there are better ways to use your time than tracking downloads.

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